Saturday, July 30, 2011

17th Sunday in Ordinary Tine (A)

I was away last week so I did not get a chance to post. Here is a short thought:

As children, we were excited by the book “Treasure Island”; following the map, digging for the treasure only to discover that pirates had stolen it.

Treasure can mean different things to different people, for example fame, wealth, status and luxuries of all kinds. This is not what the gospel is about. As followers of Jesus we must seek the treasure, seek the things of real value in our lives. This treasure is not buried in any field or island, it can be found in our hearts, deep within each of us. It is our faith telling us that we are heirs to the kingdom of God.

The treasure of the Gospel can be found in ordinary places, where God is speaking to us in the simple things of life. He is in the bits and pieces of every day, so we have to keep that treasure and help to pass it on to the next generation. The treasure remains hidden for some because they search in the wrong places. C.S. Lewis put it beautifully; “there is a God-shaped emptiness in the human heart. Knowing Christ Jesus is a treasure awaiting discovery”.

X marks the spot on the treasure map.
The Cross is the X of our treasure.

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