Sunday, July 3, 2011

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

Isaiah 55: 10-11
"The word that comes from my mouth does not return empty"
Romans: 8: 18-23
"To enjoy the same freedom as the children of God"
Luke 13-1-23
"A sower went to sow...listen, anyone who has ears!"

Jesus teaches in Parables, using scenes that the people are familiar with. They would know whether the seed produced a good crop or not.

The seed fell on a variety of soils, but only one is good soil. This bears fruit and in one case yields a hundred fold, another sixty, and another thirty.

This Parable challenges us! In our lives the seed sown, is the Word of God. How do we receive the Word we hear each Sunday?

In the Parable, the first type hears but does not understand and never really becomes a disciple. The second type is the inconstant person who displays great joy in their Christian life until their faith proves inconvenient. The third type allows the cares of the world. The fourth type is the person who understands and does what the World demands, producing good fruit.

Perhaps this Sunday, we could make a real effort to listen to the Readings and decide what word or sentence we are going to take to heart and apply to our lives during the week. We need to give God time if we want his Word to mean something in our lives.

Lord Jesus, help me this week to make your Word my own.

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